Thomas Carnevale

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Go To This Thomas Carnevale Site

Today, video surveillance is indispensible elements in the industrial operations and security in the entire industry. It is providing every single business and organization high rate of flexibility in monitoring both of the indoor and outdoor area such parking lots, construction sites, campuses and industrial plants. It also gives way on the improvement on operational communications as well as safety and efficiency.

But did you know that behind this success is one of the most successful businessmen you could hardly imagine? Thomas Carnevale, considered as the brilliant mind of the video surveillance industry, greatly helps on the success of the Sentry360. Sentry360 is a premier organization which focus is one the advanced software management systems as well as well-defined surveillance cameras.

His telecommunication experience helps him a lot in developing and acquiring new, fresh skills. This allows him to generate much better ideas which he later utilized in building his very first business which is JCS Digital Security. This company concentrates on the integration of excellent quality of technologies in surveillance camera just for the sake of their commercial and government clients. Recently, he is taking care of his big responsibility in Sentry360 Security as its CEO in leading it to the constant fame and victory.

Go To This Thomas Carnevale SiteBecause of his knowledge, commitment and dedication, he has gained acknowledgement on various publications and organizations. As a matter of fact, he and his company were awarded with ‘The Security Products New Product of the Year Award’. This is all because of the excellence he showed up regarding with the product development which enhances security stuffs.

During 2012, Thomas Carnevale is one of speakers of ISC West. This conference aims to assist the user in choosing the perfect technology which will fit on their respective CCTV systems. The following years, he was also chosen to be the speaker of the ISC East which main focus is on Ultra-Revolution Surveillance. This technology gives precise details even you are far. As a matter of fact, he also delivered speeches in NYC Battery Park Post 911 security meeting and IP User Group in the municipal which tackle topics such as Video Storage Compression, IP Video Convergence and Intelligent Video Applications.

His leadership in Sentry360 already yield many projects which further improve the customer’s experience in the industry. His incomparable proficiency concerning security system engineering and design, evaluation of infrastructure, product management as well as other field serves as his weapon in obtaining his goals.