The Risk Taker–Shawn T. Redd

Shawn T ReddWho is Shawn T. Redd? He is one of the most admired marketing professionals who had marked a great success in the business industry. His numerous skills make him the most out of it!

He speaks native English and bilingual proficiency. He is interested at the under-serve privileges, economic empowerment and Native American economic empowerment. He started working when he was only high school. At an early age, he was exposed and engaged in business. He learned how the business runs and develops. This might be the reason why he has that urge to build and manage his own business. Achieving his dream to become successful in life as a businessperson was never easy. He had encountered difficulties in life but he did not take it as a failure or lose instead; he takes it as a challenge that he should do better and better than before, in order to get the best he want to have.

He was able to build his own company. He took risks in building his two companies. He even had the hard time wherein he needed to work after graduating in high school in order to finance the opening of his new auto part store.

He is active in some of the volunteer Causes and Experiences. He worked as the small business community leader at the Redd/Lichee Corporation. He is also concerned with the Causes that involve environment, health, poverty Alleviation, economic empowerment and human rights.

The Organizations that Shawn T. Redd involved in are the following:

  • Shawn T ReddRedd/Lichee—he was the business leader since January 1995
  • Red Motors—this is a family owned business wherein he was a part owner form April 1990 until February 1994.
  • Navajo Nation—At the Division of Economic Development, he worked as the Business Industrial Fund from May 1995 until April 2000.
  • Napa Auto Parts—he was part of this organization and worked as the Financing Director form March 2000 until August 2000. He worked in the Napa Auto Parts in order to secure the financing of his auto part store that are supposed to open for the under-serve nation.

Shawn T. Red is indeed the kind of person that is worth looking up to. He did never give up in every challenges that he ought to face. He faced it with courage and determination. He has that attitude that everyone must possess in order to succeed in life.