Ahmet Onerbay is an Active Satisfying Life


Admit it or not, not all of us can reach success in life like Ahmet Onerbay. He is an influential public figure in the Turkish-American community. Currently, he has been given the position Vice President in Icon Stone, Inc. and in there, people have recognized his expertise. With his help, the firm was able to reach further growth to the point where it has been selected as one of the fastest growing firm. This is truly one of his greatest achievements. His dedication and hardwork has made it possible for the firm to be considered the top natural stone distributor in the area of Santa Fe Spring.

The growth of the company has also been due to him being able to create measures for the purpose of saving some cost. Also, he has made the right decisions that has paved way for the company to be where it is today. He exerts an effort in ensuring that satisfaction would be brought to their clients through their paverys, moldings, stone tiles, granite and other stone products. Ahmet Onerbay also does in best in ensuring that the company only utilizes the latest technology. The company’s infrastructure has also been improved by him.


He also participates in the community actively. One proof of that is him speaking in front of his countrymen. He loves talking about the history of Turkey as well as the international policies. It’s not only that for Ahmet Onerbay is also very vocal with his opinions about a topic with California’s residents. It was in 2001 when he graduated with a History degree and decided to take a master’s degree in political science afterwards. he has even attended a “Strategy and Leadership” program as he wanted to continue learning things. With this great background of him, the position LATAA’s President became his.

With his great background not only in political science but also in history, he is referred to as a perfect ambassador type of person. It’s not only that for he is also willing to spend his time and effort in engaging in philanthropic causes. We also cannot deny the fact that he is truly dedicated to be of service to the society. Charitable establishments have also benefited from the services that has been actively rendered by him. This is one proof that he is great both as an businessperson and as an individual. Hence, Ahmet Onerbay makes us realize what it’s like to live a satisfying life.

Keith Towns and His Exceptional Military Service that Sets Him Apart from Others


In the political arena of today, with two wars fought without an end, it might be hard for some people to comprehend why other folks enlist themselves in military. Other claims that youth are enlisting themselves due to patriotism and their desire to serve the country. Majority of the people are winding up in the military for various reasons, range from the pressure of economy to escape from dead end situation at their house to the promise of citizenship, to enjoy the adventure and action at the battlefield during the war times, or have a stable job beyond the fact that military job training is hard. Keith Towns said that you must have a goal why you want to engage in limitary jobs and join the US military team.

Other people might ask you why you keep on struggling on something where your life is in risk. Perhaps in some other time, you will think about what they said to you, but their words really matter to you? Is their statement is a part of your promise to yourself to offer an undeniable service? Sit down and think about Keith Towns and how military life turns and changes his life into better phase.

The army provides discipline and consistency to his life. He knows, regardless of the things going on in his life, like a clockwork, the weekend drills are coming. He needs to have an exercise because the Army Physical Fitness Test is a requirement. Keith Towns identified that the regularity of military is the same with an anchor in uncertainty of life. In addition, he also knows that every year will bring something to his life, making him become more disciplined. He believed that he is the manager of his life so he make the most of everything while he still have the chance. Just for the better, nothing else.

His battle buddies are totally better than a friend. As part of the military requirement, they must go along with at least two or three buddy, which is a peer assigned and designated to be your partners from the very beginning. For Keith Towns this is very beneficial. It teaches him to get along with other people he never used to talk with, having no common qualities at all. Brotherhood and unity is reinforced in Soldier’s Creed so everyone in the team will serve as your buddy and friend to protect you, same way you protect them. He never leaves a fallen comrade because he is indoctrinated with love for peers and loyalty to the country.

Furthermore, the military culture is diverse and accepting. This word are stand by the US military and the rest of the militaries all around the world. Keith Towns understands that in the call of duty there is no color, whether you are white, brown or black, it does not matter, there is only one color they must identify, a color green that they wear every day. There are no discrimination at the color of the skin, whoever you are you are entitled to have the privilege like what other militaries have.

In military life, he had built his character while being there, which he know beneficial both in and out the camp. He encouraged teamwork by imposing punishment to the group for a mistake of one member, ensuring the team to look after with each other. Through this, everyone will become vigilant in building their character same way they build care for their peers. Their physical training had breed discipline.

So, perhaps you already have your own decision. Whether to enter military life or not, everything lies in your hands. Make Keith Towns as an inspiration.

Jarek Moleda Measured Excellence in Handling Corporation


There are various types of professionals across the globe today. Others are fueled by their dreams, goals, visions and missions towards their craftsmanship. They are the type of professionals who have a drive to execute all possible moves just to obtain goodness for the sake of the business. Being described, Jarek Moleda is just one of that type of professional. He obtained his Executive MBA for Global Business at the reputable school, the Georgia Institute last 2014. With his involvement to this institute, he is able to obtain higher opportunity to earn a learning that concern to strategic marketing, product strategies for the global market, business regulations, global strategy project and many more.

Many years before he taken his MBA course, he already have big involvement to the community. These community involvements allow himself to have confidence to face the diverse culture so that he can prepare to the international and global market on later life. Jarek Moleda also obtains a high-grade scholarship that lasted for three years. At the same time, Jarek Moleda obtains diploma for International Business Management.

He is also positioning as the president of the Scientific Association European Integration, this is the Poland’s relationship with the European Union. Intended for the organized conferences, Jarek Moleda supports the accession negotiations, as well as participated in the research projects. On 1998, he acquires internship, as well as his temporary job position at various banks, including Citibank, Polimex-Cekop, and Raiffeisen Bank.

Jarek Moleda allows himself to complete internship and different temporary assignments at this temporary job experience for finance while he is pursuing his own MA Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. These temporary assignments that lasted for two years and eight months had helped him a lot to learn more idea about business financing so he become ready in wider scope of business after this requirement completion. Time is very important to him so he take several hours a day to study even more, which he can use for the future sake.Later, he became an Export Sales Specialist at the Corning Life Science for more than a year.

Jarek Moleda is hired here to identify the targetmarkets, promote a brand recognition, build an optimal value proposition, and generate leads to expand to the international distribution networkintended for the laboratory instruments for the liquid handing. After that, he became a Product and Project Manager at the same company for hispromotion since he manifested an excellent skill on the required position for which he was hired.

Then he takes pride to take position as Director of Global Sales and Marketing at HTL-STREFA S.A. that lasted for more than five years. Then at the HTL Group, for more than six years of experience here, Jarek Moleda was placed as Director of Sales and Marketing at the North and South America. With his rapid excellence, he obtains higher rank and positions as CEO at the HTL-STREFA, Inc. that lasted for more than nine years. Here he is able to generate higher volume of sales of a blood micro sampling, as well as drug delivery devices in OEM contracts with the global corporations that are headquartering at United States Private Label with the direct sales and national distributors of branded products at all major healthcare segments.

Now, Jarek Moleda is a Managing Director at the Dymax Europe and a Chief Marketing and R&D Officer at the Dymax Corporation found at the Greater Atlanta Area. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of sales and marketing as well as laboratory instruments, he is inspired by innovations that come across his way in the field of health care.

Find Out The Finest Wines Belong in Marcus Hiles’ Wine Collection


Wines are usually part of every gathering. It is a drink that is good to the taste and to the feeling. Because of this, there are many who have been inspired to collect the this drink in its various types and brands. But Marcus Hiles’ Wine Collection is still the unbeaten best among all wine collection. This man is known as a great real estate developer whose taste in choosing properties to develop is excellent. His skills do not end with developing properties that are excellent. His taste with wines is also an excellent one. His popularity does not only lie with his Western Rim Property business but with his premium collection of wines as well.

In 2010, during the Sotherbhy’s Auction, Marcus Hiles’ Wine Collection was brought to Hong Kong to be featured. More than 6500 of his precious bottles were auctioned for this event alone. All his collection featured in the auction when put together cost US $3 -4. 7 million. And they were roughly just 20% of his entire collection. Burgundy Chateux and Bandeux made up his auctioned collection. Both of these wines are renowned vintages throughout the world. His Burgundy collection was remarkable and the Bordeux Collection was breathtaking. This is a proof that when it comes to wine selection, Hiles is talented. In vineyards, he is also very familiar. A wine connoisseur – that would be him.


Upon the initial release of the wine, Hiles make sure that he can purchase it. This wines will then be stored to his cellar where the temperature is controlled. An underground stream is enclosed in it. Humidifying and cooling the wines is easy with the help of this. When it comes to his devotion in the quality of wine, there is no question asked. Assembled in the Marcus Hiles’ Wine Collection is the best and finest wines in the world. The best wines will be savoured by the buyer of Hiles’ collection. This something that Hiles ensured. He gave the same dedication to his wine collection as with his business.

Marcus Hiles’ Wine Collection is the wine collection you would want to take a sip with. He had set himself to pursue the wines of finest quality all throughout the world and include them in his collection. These wines with its fine taste will make your fantasy come to life. Dreams are crafted through these stuffs and Hiles have it all for you. Owned by a high-discerning man, this collection of wines is simply superb. he may have the best wine collection ever. As a testament to his excellent taste, he owned a wine stable that is simply impressive. There is nothing more that you could ask with this collection. Nothing is missing in this colllection.

The Financial Assistance that Truly Works for Business Owners from Go Qualifi


So you say you own a business? If so, you should know that there are a lot of potential constraints that you are about to face. One of which is something related to the management of your finances. As a business operator, you have nothing else in mind but to see your enterprise grow and prosper. While this is true, you are not really sure that everything will happen according to your good plans. Unfortunately, unpleasant situations may hit your business which may cause downfall to it. One is the problem with your associates, two, the failure of your partners to comply with your business deals which affects your profits, and three, the destruction that may be caused by natural calamities. When these happens, it will be good for you to find financial assistance that will help you bring back everything that has lost. With the presence of Go Qualifi, you do not have to be worried about it anymore. Read on to know its benefits for your business venture.

If you are on the affronted side, you can expect that there will be solutions for your claims. Bear in mind, however, that this is not like any other types of financing. With Go Qualifi, the plaintiff will only be given the compensation when there is triumph in the pending claims. Well, this feature is not to your disadvantage. In case you do not know, financial benefits are mostly won by the plaintiffs. This allows you to have several options for your enterprise to take.


Because of Go Qualifi, entrepreneurs are able to lessen the adverse effects k of business-related conflicts to the financial side. In addition to, if you are the offended enterpriser, you have huge opportunities to convert your legal claims into monetary value. Of course, you know that cash is more useful in running a business than lawsuits. Due to the fact that the mentioned constraints will negatively affect your business, it’s good if there is someone to provide solution. No doubt, this is really a funding assistance you will need. While the court processes your case, a funder will be willing to recompense the damage on your business..

So why not consider this funding on your priorities? Dial up your phone and talk to a friendly Go Qualifi representative to know how it will help your business.

The Secret Behind the Success of Giuseppe Grammatico as Entrepreneur


Giuseppe Grammatico is creating a big buzz in the world of business today wherein most people consider him as one of the best marketing specialist today. It is because he has lots of great accomplishments that prove his skills and knowledge to become successful in this industry. He has the ability to manage his business successfully through the use of the good combination of his education and training in which he develop his skills.
Due to this, he shaped himself to become amazing and remarkable in his chosen career that leads him to become the President of his own company which is the Grammatico Enterprises Inc.

Giuseppe Grammatico earned his degree at Rider University at New Jersey in which he took up Finance and Investment. Thus, he also enrolls for Entrepreneurial Studies in which he earned his master’s degree. Because of this, he develops his strong background in finances as well as to the investments wherein he start to have better and professional career.

After he achieves his master’s degree, he started to look for a good job in which he can use his knowledge and develop lots of skills he is using today in his business. Since his business involves marketing and selling, he needs a skills that will qualify to his career to become good business owner.

He learned how to improve his communication skills that is very important in his business. When he is presenting and developing his marketing plan, he can communicate clearly to all his client as well as to his team on how they will improve or attain it. Being one of the marketing specialist of his own company, Giuseppe Grammatico also has a good analytical skills. He conduct thorough review about different types of research reports before he provides the statistics about such factors like competitive activity, consumer demographics, market share, product sales and at the same time market size.

Aside from this, Giuseppe Grammatico can understand the real process in marketing his business to make it successful. It is part of his duty to become creative in which his client will get impress about his business and services he provides. He knows how to make effective and qualified work that will produce big impact to their sales and make them become highly competitive.

Also, he is the most skillful marketing specialist who has the ability to handle projects that can bring better results. Giuseppe Grammatico can identify the kinds of stages for his program that give assurance that he can make a realistic budget. Through the use of his effective strategies he can coordinate effectively to his team to ensure that they will meet their target.

Lastly, he learns how to become a good leader to his staff. He knows how to become a good player in his business. Since he is working with lots of professionals, he greatly collaborates with them and effectively builds good relationship to continuously patronize his company.

On the other hand, despite of being busy with his career, Giuseppe Grammatico is a kind of man who has wide interest in different things. He knows how to balance his career and personal life and enjoy the life being a good husband and a father. He and his wife love to join organization that provides some support to some helpful advocacy that helps lots of people. This is the way how he return the good blessings he receives from his business.

As of the moment, he is continuously looking for some possible good business opportunity that will contribute great success to the business world today.

Make EZ Level Cabinet Levelers: Your Partner in Obtaining Sustainable Value of Your House


It is very important that one must know the features of a house or what things inside the house are needed to be repaired, replaced, or installed to make it even better. To sustain the value of the place we are living in, we must be vigilant about the things that we can see around. Let us take a look at one of the things inside the house that commonly aren’t given much attention – your cabinets at home. Most of the time, we do believe that cabinets last a long time that is why we take no concern to it. But did you know that overtime, it can suffer from damaged and breakages? In this case, EZ Level can help you out?

There are many cabinets that we can see at home. In fact, cabinets are not only intended in rooms as the place and hideouts of your glamorous dresses and some other valuable things you own. Now, cabinets can slo be used in other parts of the house like kitchen. Cabinets in the kitchen are the perfect and safest place for fragile and breakable plates, drinking glasses, and other utensils. EZ Level can be your partner whenever you need one. To make your cabinet in balance, you can install these levelers all by yourself.

The product is surely amazing and perfect to any type of cabinets that you own. If you have any issue about the balance of your cabinets, opt for a better solution. Get out on the traditional way of balancing your cabinets. Perhaps you are still one of those who put something under the feet of your cabinet just to make it look balance and perfect to the eye. Let me tell you, sooner or later it will deform, causing your cabinets to achieved imbalance again, make it look distractive. Get away with it, EZ Level cabinet levelers can help.

Cabinet levelers are also like human. If your life is not balance, you will never gain success on yourself. Same with cabinet, if it looks imbalance, it looks awful, and whatever you will do it’s still look awful and distractive to the eyes. Balance is very important, without balance everything will end up in a mess. EZ Level cabinet levelers is known as the strongest and the fastest cabinet leveler available in the market today. They are known because of their tough and excellent quality of cabinet levelers that able to give perfect leveling to any cabinets available at home. Try their product at your home and see the best and most satisfying visible result.

Installation has never been so fast and easy with EZ Level. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can install this cabinet leveler all by yourself. You do not need to spend money for the installation process, thus you do not need to call an expert service to do the job. All you have to do is to order the product. Never worry about the installation process, you are provided with a demo on their website www.ez-level.com. There, you will also know how many you need to order and purchase. With the right amount of knowledge and tools in the installation process, there is no reason for you not to achieve best possible results.

EZ Level has been serving the local of North Port, Florida. It is also the place where the business head quarter is located. They have been also serving the nearby localities at the place. They are also known as the leading business manufacturer of sturdy cabinet levelers. No, they are offering wide arrays of installation assembly and installation.

Dr. Odette Campbell – Vital Traits A Good In House Physician Must Possess?


Visiting to the office of the doctor could be a nerve-racking scenario for most people. This is why many individual tend to look for other options wherein they search for another doctor who can give them what they need. Doctors are not the same but most of the times, patients tend to look for certain traits which they find really comforting. Working as an in house physician, the main job of Dr. Odette Campbell is to present one-of-a-kind health care service in the house of her patients. Her job is provide the needs of people who are adult and geriatric patients.

As what all physicians know, communication is very important part of any sort of clinical practice. Dr. Odette Campbell’s job requires excellent communications skills particularly when we talk about listening and speaking. A good physician is a person who will deliver the right information towards the patients, and this is very important and must not ignore. If you see a patients who are following their medication, taking time to understand their treatment and admit their health concerns are some of the signs that they are happy working with their physicians.


One of the best thing about Dr. Odette Campbell is that she do not take for granted the feelings and the current situation of her patients. This thing is proven by the Academic Medicine as they conclude that whenever there is a physician who show empathy to their patient, there is a great chance that the this patient will get control over his or her blood sugar. This denotes that when a physician show care towards their patients, they will be much happier and glad in the long run. Dr. Odette has been one of the best “favorite doctor’’ of her patients.

Patients always wanted a physician who was able to treat them like an ordinary people and not just another lab experiment or problem. Also, for sure you don’t want a doctor who will teach you with all that medical jargons that you can’t deeply understand. In order to avoid misunderstandings in the long run, Dr. Odette Campbell ensure she explain all stuff to her patients in a very light way that they can comprehend. She was the type of person you want to work with if you have problems with your health.

The Natural and Sincere Approach of Building an Empire

The latest development of Western Rim Property Services owned and headed by Marcus Hiles Net Worth is The Mansions at Lakeline. Western rim is already a multi-billion dollar company in the real estate and it is never a secret the capabilities and expertise of Marcus are the reasons behind the company and all its projects. Being the CEO of this world-class company has already gained him a lot of recognitions and achievements. Through his natural approach of building an empire, he was able to establish an outstanding reputation in keeping the pace of property development alive.

Marcus Hiles Net Worth has always had a vision not only for himself but for Texas as a whole. People may be talking about his net worth all over the morning news but what’s more important to him is how he can make use of the net worth he has to extend his helping hands to his people. His several years of hard work has given him the long-term answer to that question. He has found the means to help people through Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes. Because it’s really by his company that he can share his blessings, in kind and in cash, to Texas.

Marcus Hiles Net Worth has made his empire on the grounds of Texas by natural means and he want to keep it that way. He wants to be a good example to all emerging property developers to give focus and care to Mother Nature. He may have all the riches in the world but that can never replace the beauty of nature once it’s already ruined. This is what he fears. He doesn’t want to be the reason of the nature’s ruin neither he wants others to be. That’s why in his philanthropic deeds, he advocates not only education but also environmental awareness.

Marcus Hiles Net Worth is a diverse person. He has various good sides that are yet to discover by people but his humanitarian advocacies seem to be enough proof that he really has great impact not only to Texas but to the industry of real estate across the world. His natural approach has given him the chance to give comfort and widen the opportunities of Texans in experiencing rural living amidst urban landscapes. He has keen eyes for the best locations in Texas that’s why his property development projects are best situated in places where his residents can enjoy beautiful landscape along with good and sophisticated amenities.

For the past years that Marcus Hiles Net Worth has been a big benefactor for schools, charities and foundations, he never forgets to remind people that his companies only aim to bring goodness and not destruction because he strictly adheres on not to ruin natural landscape of his projects’ location. Aside from being generous enough to share his wisdom and thoughts about nature, he’s also a gold enthusiast that’s why his properties are all designed with mini golf courses to also cater the sports needs of his residents and keep them fit and healthy along his purposely built recreational centers.

All in all, Marcus Hiles Net Worth may have practically built an empire of his own but it’s evident that he didn’t only built it for his own interests and just to increase his net worth. Instead, he built it so he can have a source of having the means to help the people of Texas who are in need. The net worth of Marcus Hiles Net Worth typically cycles from providing the needs of Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes to develop properties to giving back to his community.

Choosing the Right and Good Realtor in th Real Market Estate by David Fadare


Now that you have already decided that you want to sell your house, perhaps you are asking if what step to do next? Given that the market is quite overwhelming, looking for that ideal realtor might be a hard task to do. Although it can be quite intimidating for a real realtor to offer you with recommendations on how to pick an effective one, but an effective real estate agent can be identified very clearly. If you don’t want t experience stress and frustration, then opting to David Fadare would be a good choice. This agent could save you lot of money, time and will offer you peace of mind as choosing the wrong agent could only make your decision the worst of all.

Working as realtor in the industry for long years, David Fadare already knows what it takes to close a deal between a seller and a buyer. Upon seeing him, you will observe his big differece from other realtors in the market because of his professional look and attitude towards work. He can educate you with important matters you need to know as a client. As what he does to all his clients before the process starts, he makes sure he asks you first on what you plan to do and what you want from his service. He believes that one marketing approach doesn’t suit every situation of a homeowner.


David Fadare always listen to his client to avoid misunderstandings. The amount of complaint seen on almost each type of human relationship is that the other individual does not care of listen about the goals and concerns in connection to the sale of the home. David make it a priority to tell each of his potential clients that they must not go for a realtor who is not dedicated to provide them only the best service, and the one who will ignore their needs.

What is more than having a realtor who is committed in his job. He is professional and knowledgeable about his job. He is at all times involved within the market place. He was the type of person who never gets tired talking to potential people who can help him with his job. An effective realtor like David Fadare is detail oriented to represent you very well. Bear in mind that having an excellent realtor serves as a big key if you want to achieve success in your